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Scuttleship Farm

2214 Arnold Bay Rd

Panton, VT 05491

Our sheepskins are sourced from animals raised on our Animal Welfare Approved and 100% Grassfed farm in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. These luxuriously soft and naturally plush sheepskins will add a cozy and rustic aesthetic to any room. Chair liners, throw rugs, bath mats, dog beds, meditation mats, and more...our skins will bring a bit of luxury to anything.


Each skin is hand cut and combed at Vermont Natural Sheepskins using a solution of high-tannin treebark, a process developed in the U.K. where it is certified as organic. Our skins have none of the chemical off-gassing associated with conventional tanning processes, which makes them a safe and comfortable choice for any application, even baby crib liners! 


You may find small flakes of grass and seeds in the wool of your sheepskin. Our animals are raised on pasture for their entire life, so take these small tokens as proof of a sheep that lived its life where it was born to be: wading through green meadows filled with rye and clover. 


Slate Sheepskin

Wool Length
  • Size

    Measurements are approximate and taken at the longest and widest points of each skin



    Length: 34-40 inches

    Width: 28-32 inches



    Length: 31-35 inches

    Width: 26-30 inches




    AA sheepskins have the most luscious and plush wool as well as minimal or no holes in the skin. 



    These sheepskins may have slightly shorter wool or small holes in the skin.



    Irregular in shape or with larger holes. These sheepskins are perfect for high traffic areas or pet beds.



    Please allow up to two weeks for shipping. If you would like to come and pickup your sheepskin directly from the farm, please contact us. 



    All sales are final, no returns will be accepted.