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Scuttleship Farm

2214 Arnold Bay Rd

Panton, VT 05491

LOCAL PICKUP ONLY - NO SHIPPING - PLEASE SELECT "On-Farm Pickup" AT CHECKOUT. Pickup dates will be scheduled the weeks of December 16, 2019 and January 27, 2020


THIS PRICE IS ONLY A DEPOSIT. The final charge is $12/lb on the weight of the meat you take home. Final payment is due upon pickup.


We practice intensive rotational grazing, resulting in a nutritious, succulent meat. Grassfed lamb is a lean meat high in protein as well as Omega-3 fatty acids, B-Vitamins, zinc, and selenium.

Not experienced in cooking with lamb? Check out the American Lamb Board website for all sorts of buying and cooking tips as well as more recipes than you can shake a stick at. You can also contact us and we can give you some advice!


Buying a whole lamb - what to expect

Expect to receive 33-40lb of meat - perfect for stocking up your chest freezer! Your meat will be frozen in vacuum-sealed 1-2lb packages (with the exception of larger roasts) for ease of preparation. Once you place your order, we will send you a cut sheet to fill out. We are also happy to do that for you - if so we will choose a good variety of cuts including:


  • Kabob/Stew chunks
  • Loin chops
  • Shanks
  • Ground Lamb
  • Rib Rack
  • Boneless Leg & Shoulder

See above for available pickup dates.

Whole Lamb (Pre-Order Deposit)