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Who we are...

We (Sean and Annie) met while attending Middlebury College where Sean studied International Politics and Economics and Annie studied Environmental Science and Biology. After graduating, we quickly learned that Vermont was destined to be our forever home and stumbled into farming. In 2016, Annie completed UVM's Farmer Training Program and founded Scuttleship Farm with Sean's support. In 2018, Sean finally left his technology job and joined the farm full-time. As avid climbers, skiers, and sailors, we are constantly in awe of the natural world around us. Our mission is to produce sustainable and nourishing food in a manner that respects our animals as fellow beings and regenerates--not depletes-- the landscape we call home. 

Oh, and what's with our name? The land we tend in Panton, Vermont is steeped in history. In October of 1776, after suffering defeat at the hands of the British at the Battle of Valcour Island, General Benedict Arnold fled with the remainder of his battered American Navy in hopes of reaching safety at Crown Point and Fort Ticonderoga to the south. The British fleet quickly overtook the Americans. Arnold led his gunboats into a small inlet of Lake Champlain where he ordered his men to light the powder magazines and scuttle his entire fleet rather than allow them to be captured and used by the British. The surviving Americans fled on foot over the pastures we now graze, bombarded by British cannon-fire and reached Crown Point to fight another day in the Revolution. 

Meet our crew...

Annie Hopper

Co-Owner, Livestock Manager

Annie manages the livestock, pastures, and gardens of Scuttleship farm, as well as the writing and design aspects of the business. Her strengths include: task-mastering, animal-whispering, and she's decent with a rope. 


Sean Willerford

Co-Owner, Sales Manager, Reluctant Mechanic

Sean leads the sales, accounting, and business side of the farm. He is also the lead mechanic and numbers guy. His strengths include: sheep-catching,  cooking, and actually reading the manual. 


Director of Human Resources

Her duties include maintaining the general morale of the farm as well as heading up the greeting committee. Reba has a Masters Degree in Fetch. She has been on the job since January of 2016 and has an extensive resume that uniquely qualifies her for this position. What an asset!



Junior Herd Manager (Trainee)

A self-proclaimed "working dog," Bowie is our newest farm member. He is currently completing his residency and working on his foundational skillset. He had been accepted into the Scuttleship Herding Dog Apprentice Program and has a bright future ahead of him. 

Chicory and Larissa

Joint-Chiefs of Security

These ladies have been heading up our security detail since the beginning. Their long alpaca necks grant them a great perspective from which to spot approaching predators. Whenever they get stranger-danger, they let out a sharp screech, which alerts the sheep. Larissa has designated herself the primary fox-chaser on the farm with great results. 


Andy and Coco

Lead Barn-Warmers

These gentlemen are a steady presence in the barnyard. Fun fact: llamas can spit accurately at a range of over 10 feet, we've verified. 

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