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What we raise...

We specialize in wholesale lamb, mutton, and beef.


Our meat is produced ethically and naturally, with love for the animals and respect for the environment.  ​All of our products are made from animals that spend their lives on pasture and are allowed to live according to their instincts. 

As self-identified "grass farmers," all of our animals live their lives on pasture, rotationally grazing fresh grass every day for the health of the land, the animals, and our customers! We utilize regenerative grazing practices and our herds move to fresh pasture every single day. Our practices are organic, but not certified, and we do not use dewormer or antibiotics on our herd, the need for these treatments is avoided by maintaining a strict rotational grazing regimen.


All of our meat is pasture-raised and 100% grassfed (and finished!) as certified by the

American Grassfed Association.

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