What we raise...

We specialize in meat, produced ethically and naturally, with love for the animals and respect for the environment.  ​All of our products are made from animals that spend their lives on pasture and are allowed to live according to their instincts. Please visit our "How we do it" page to learn more about our process and our ethics, or contact us directly with any questions you might have.


 ~ Certified Grassfed ~


~ Animal Welfare Approved ~




Lamb is our specialty. We offer a spectrum of retail cuts as well as whole carcasses for retail or wholesale.  











Stock Bones?              

Interested in buying a whole lamb? Contact us to discuss how to reserve yours now!

DefinitionsLamb is the meat from a sheep less than one year of age, while mutton is meat from an older sheep. On other continents, there are even more distinctions, but we'll keep it simple.

On the contrary: Eating lamb is often misunderstood to be similar to eating veal. We (like many lamb producers) harvest our animals around 10 months of age. Sheep reach reproductive maturity at about five months of age, so it is a misconception that eating lamb is eating a baby animal. 

We practice intensive rotational grazing, resulting in a nutritious, succulent meat. We Americans count lamb as only a small fraction fraction of our yearly diets compared to the rest of the world...let's put lamb back on the table! Grassfed lamb is a lean meat high in protein as well as Omega-3 fatty acids, B-Vitamins, zinc, and selenium. Feel free to geek out on the nutritional profile of lamb here.


Not experienced in cooking with lamb? Check out the American Lamb Board website for all sorts of buying and cooking tips as well as more recipes than you can shake a stick at. You can also contact us and we can give you some advice! 

We've got that.



 We raise and process chicken throughout the summer. All of our poultry flocks are housed in mobile roosts and spend the daylight hours foraging on pasture. They are regularly moved to fresh territory. No gimmicks, no loopholes--these are actually free-range birds. Our chicken and eggs for sale in our Barn-Store.

As of 2019, we are no longer offering Thanksgiving turkeys for sale. We will instead be focusing on or other poultry operations for the time being. 

turkey, scuttlship farm



We raise meat chickens throughout the summer. We house them in a mobile roost set on skids that can be towed to different locations so that they are always on fresh grass. 


We do not use antibiotics or medicated feed.

We feed our meat birds only non-GMO feed. 

All of our birds are free-range.

chicken, scuttleship farm

We process and pack whole chickens for sale in our Barn-Store.

Once you taste true pasture-raised chicken, there's no going back to that bland white meat they sell at the grocery store. If you are unfamiliar with breaking down a chicken, fear not! It's quite easy and economical...not to mention you end up with lots of bones to make a batch of homemade chicken stock. There are many instructional videos and articles out there on an internet, here is one to start.



What would a Barn-Store be without eggs? We're very proud of our eggs' dark golden yolks, a testament to our spoiled laying ladies! 

Our eggs come from a wide variety of chicken breeds, which means you'll find all sizes and shapes in our cartons. The girls (as well as our gallant rooster, Claude) are housed in a mobile coop dubbed The Gallus Palace that can be towed to fresh pasture regularly. 

laying hens, scuttleship farm
eggs, scuttleship farm

We've got half and full dozens for sale in the Barn-Store, so stop on in!

Other Products


We are so excited to announce that we are partnering with our friends at Cloverworks Farm in their new project: Bobolink Yarns. They are working to create beautiful breed (and farm)-specific yarns that reflect the character of the local region, all while paying farmers and shepherds a fair price for their wool. It's really exciting for us to see our flock's fleeces be made into such amazing fibers.

Bobolink Yarns is a wholesaler that supplies brick and mortar yarn stores. Visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about the yarn and their vision.


Naturally-Tanned Sheepskins

Free from heavy metals and other harmful chemicals, these make great rugs, seat cushions, throws, pet beds, and even baby crib-liners! 

Our skins come from our sheep harvested for lamb and mutton. They are tanned in Randolph, VT at Vermont Natural Sheepskins, the only commercial tannery in the country to process skins without the use of toxic chemicals or heavy metals. The tanning process utilizes high-tannin tree bark and gentle soaking to process the skins, a method that is considered organic in the United Kingdom. Bury your face in these skins and take a deep whiff, you won't find a hint of a chemical odor...more like an improbably clean sheep smell. 

We have more sheepskins in stock than we are able to picture on the website. If you are local, reach out to us and we can arrange to show you our full inventory in-person. ​Every sheepskin is unique!


If you would like to purchase yarn from our flock or any of the other beautiful hand-dyed Bobolink yarns, you can find them at Must Love Yarn in Shelburne or purchase ready-to-knit hat kits from our online store or in person at BJs Farm Supply next door to us in Panton. 

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